Losing it.

The other day I dropped my laptop computer. When I plugged it in, it didn’t work anymore. My phone is about 4 years old. I decided to go and upgrade my my phone and use it as a computer. After about a day of putting in my information such as my websites that I visit in passwords I discovered that Chrome had this information. It’s frustrating in this day and age when you you lose all your information. Now I’m all connected again and it feels good.


Woke up this morning at 2am, couldn’t get back to sleep. So I went online and read for awhile and went back to bed at 6:30. Got up again at 8:30 and this is what I saw.


Moving on.

I decided to sell my house after living here 10 years and should be closing at the end of the month on the 30th. Still waiting for the assessment to verify it’s worth.

Since I’ve packed up my stuff and am ready to move, there have been some thoughts and regrets that I might not be doing the right thing. Ultimately I think it’s time to move on , as living in a duplex has it’s challenges. Living in a place where the first thing people want to know is if you roll tide or not. I could not care less about football. Also there reddest state in the union leaves me with few people with which I have much in common.

The bicycle paths are the best thing about this town and will be on the top of the list of things I’ll miss. But they will always be here, and I can come back any time to reminisce.